Talbot Lago T26 grand prix car front suspension upright.

Talbot Lago T26 grand prix car front suspension upright. Our customer is building a replica of a T26 Talbot Lago grand prix car. We scanned an original front suspension upright and generated a cad model. Machining allowance was added to the component in such a way that the part was non handed. From this we designed a wax injection tool for investment casting. The tool was CNC machined from aluminium billet. The uprights were cast in a high strength aircraft spec stainless steel, xrayed and crack tested before machining. The non handed casting could then be machined for left hand and right hand applications. These parts are available to buy please enquire for price and availability.

Maserati 6c front wishbone.

The original Maserati 6C front wishbone was scanned and modeled. Then 3 castings made from high strength aircraft-spec steel using rapid prototypes so there was no investment in tooling required.

Manufacture of Jaguar C-type Torsion Bar Adjusters.

This component is a torsion bar adjuster fitted to the front suspension of a 1950’s Jaguar C-type sports car. The parts are being re-manufactured for very accurate replica cars.

The raw material specified for this component is EN24 for its mechanical strength and good elongation. The material is very difficult to machine. It can only be bought in round bar stock. The blanks were faced to size in a lathe.

Jaguar C-Type body and chassis.

In this examaple, we scanned the body panels and chassis assembly, and then modelled them to allow tooling to made to manufacture news body panels and the chassis:

Cooper front suspension upright.

Cooper front suspension upright. This case study is an excellent example of how you are able to purchase at any stage in the process. For example you may wish to purchase the scan data and model yourself, or you buy a cad model and a drawing and have it made yourself,  or of course you can always buy the finished part.

After market exhaust.

Exhaust modeled from scan data to allow after market companies to make pattern exhaust systems.

Cessna cowling.

Porsche 910.

This Porsche 910 le mans car was scanned and exterior modeled using alias. As you can see, the rendered images are awesome!

Case study: Gearbox.

For this customer, the engine and gearbox assembly were scanned, and stl mesh data was supplied to customer with key geometry points modeled. Things like flywheel and clutch details, drive shaft flanges, engine and gearbox mountings were all modeled to allow this engine to packaged successfully in a new after market specialized vehicle.


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