About us

Welcome to Euroscanners Ltd. We are a small but flexible laser scanning and reverse engineering company. We can scan your part and produce CAD data. Browse through some of our case studies to find out how our equipment / software works. You can also download some example data to give you a feel of what file formats we can supply. If you have any questions or would like a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can scan almost anything from a piece of antique clock through to a helicopter. We can under take design work, tooling design, prototype manufacture, production feasibility, we also supplied finished components.

The Laser Scanning Process

  1. A laser stripe is passed over the surface of the component
  2. The laser accurately captures the surface detail of the component
  3. The raw data generated is in the form of millions of individual data points called a ‘point cloud’
The data can be supplied in the following formats:
  • Point cloud
  • Stl mesh file
  • Cad model
  • Surface cad model
  • Engineering Drawings

The equipment is portable and scanning can be carried out anywhere in the UK or Europe.